Once upon a time, designing a wedding menu was a graphic designer’s job (or at least, the job of someone who was both design and tech-savvy!). Thankfully, BeFunky’s new Designer Toolset allows you to design your very own printable menus for free…and without the fancy software know-how!

Today I’m going to show you how you can easily transform one of BeFunky’s pre-made menu templates into two eye-catching and incredibly different wedding menus.

Design 1: The summer inspired watercolor menu (perfect for beginners!)

Design 1 Menu

The great news is that this menu took just minutes to create in the Designer Toolset, and anyone can replicate these results! First thing’s first – once you’ve accessed the Designer, simply locate ‘Event Graphics’ and then ‘Menus’ in the drop-down menu. There are 5 pre-made wedding menu templates to choose from; however, for this tutorial I chose the second template for its simple, yet easily customizable design.

Watercolor wedding stationary consisting of bright, summery colors are very popular at the moment, so I wanted to recreate my own version of this fun trend. To change the background from white to this watercolor design, I clicked on ‘Image Manager’ in the left-hand menu and selected ‘Pixabay’.

choosing watercolor

Pixabay is a wonderful stock image resource which contains over 430,000 images, all available for your use. In the search bar, I typed in ‘watercolor’, and was presented with page upon page of stunning results. There’s sure to be a specific image which really takes your fancy!

All you need to do next is select your chosen image and drag it over to the menu. This will then instantly set your new image as your menu’s background. Too easy!

Design 1

You can also set the opacity of the image to make it lighter or darker; however, I left mine the way it was because I loved those bright and punchy colors. I then made the text a little larger before saving my finished creation. Ta-da!

Design 2: The simple yet elegant lilac menu (a little more advanced!)

Design 2 Menu

Perhaps you’d prefer a menu that’s a little more understated, or maybe your color scheme is lilac. Either way, you’re going to love this second design! It may be a little more advanced than the first tutorial, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s still incredibly fun and simple to create.

This design also uses the second pre-made wedding menu template. Similarly to the first design, I clicked on the menu’s white background before selecting ‘Image Manager’ and ‘Pixabay’ in the left-hand menu. To find this pretty, purple-hued image, I simply searched for ‘floral’.

adjusting background
adjusting background 2

The difference, however, is that I dragged the image next to the menu, before adjusting it to be larger (by dragging the corners outwards) so that it covered the entire menu. I then selected ‘Darken’ as the ‘Blend Mode’ in the pop-up toolbox and moved the image around so that the flowers weren’t obstructing any of the text.

Finally, I made the text a little larger, and ta-da!  This wedding-worthy menu was also created in just minutes, thanks to the new Designer Toolset.

Design 2

Has all of this talk about menus got you dreaming about delectable food? You’ll love reading about how to create delicious recipe pins with the BeFunky Designer!

Would you like to try your hand at designing a unique and beautiful wedding menu? You can give it a go here:

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