We know you love using BeFunky’s Artsy Effects to transform your photos into works of art. Now, there are all-new effects to embrace your inner VanGogh or Seurat, no painting required.

BeFunky A.I. Artsy Effects

We’re happy to introduce the next segment of our A.I. Series, expanded Artsy Effects in the Photo Editor. These new effects use a technique called Style Transfer, where we mimic your favorite art styles and apply them to your photos. Using powerful artificial intelligence, turn your photos into art with just one click! From watercolor and oil paintings to detailed sketches, cartoons, pop art, or pointillism, there are no limits to where your creativity can take you!

Our Expanded Artsy Effects 

Are you ready to get your creative gears turning? Here are just some of the new Artsy Effects you can use to turn your photos into works of art


Gouache is similar to watercolor, but much more opaque in its appearance. The technique was popularized in France and takes a blended approach, leaving your photos wonderfully abstract. 



Calling all Monet and Renoir enthusiasts! The expanded Impressionist Artsy Effects take your photos into the world of creative light and color.



There’s something special about making photos minimal. The Inkify Artsy Effects leave your pictures with a pen-drawn feel.



Mosaics are a special kind of beautiful! Our Mosaic Artsy Effects turn your photo into stained glass art.


Oil Painting

You can’t go wrong with a classic oil painting. These photo to art effects are perfect for giving your landscape or cityscape photography an artistic twist. 



The Pastel Artsy Effects are all about color play. They change the hues and shades of your photo while providing additional texture. 


Pen Art

Sometimes, simple is better. The Pen Art Artsy Effects take your favorite photos and transform them into beautiful sketched works of art, complete with a fun color palette. 



Pointillism is a technique of painting created by Georges Seurat where small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. This Artsy Effect provides intricate texture as it transforms your photo into art.  


Poly Art

Poly Art is created with simple, geometric shapes that are angular and vibrant in color. These effects work great for portraits and cityscapes!



Watercolor paintings are timelessly beautiful. Transform your picture into a painting that would make John James Audubon proud!


These new effects will appear at the top of the Artsy Effects categories, but don’t worry, your favorite effects aren’t going anywhere! Simply scroll down to find your favorite effects in each of these categories. You can save your favorite effects by right-clicking on the effect you’d like to add to your Favorites. 

We can’t wait to see your artistic creations!